Future Studies

The Future Studies Some Suggestions

The central theme of the thesis namely narcissism is very much heuristic in nature from the point of view of research and catering the psychological services to society under the banner of positive psychology as such the following suggestions may be taken into consideration.

  1. More psychometric studies of the narcissism as a trait are needed to establish this trait squarely among the normal population and to reduce the overtone of the pathological concept of narcissism .
  2. The psychometric studies of narcissism as a trait among the college students of arts and law faculty are wanted.
  3. Studies searching for biological base of narcissism as a personality trait are in much demand to enhance the scientific knowledge of narcissism.
  4. Studies pertaining to develop sex age educational stream (faculty) caste religion-wise norms be undertaken to establish the norms of narcissism as a normally distributed trait in the population for providing scientific counseling to the needy persons.
  5. Studies pertaining to narcissism under case-study approach be linked with the studies coming under psychometric approach so as to provide a holistic view of narcissism on a wider canvas ranging from abnormal to normal poles in the interest of both the society and the practitioners of the mental health services under the non-medical model of community mental health.

The present study of 30 cases suffering from menopausal symptoms was conducted with an intention to evaluate efficacy of homoeopathy treatment. In cases of depression highest efficacy is noted, secondly anxiety is managed effectively and lastly irritability, obsessive compulsive behavior .To serve this purpose 10 cases of mild, moderate and severe symptoms following in the age group of 40-45,i.e.18 cases of mild ,moderated and severe intensity of menopausal syndrome with age group 46-50 yrs an 2 cases of severe symptoms coming under the age of 51-55yrs.age were subject to homoeopathy treatment for a duration of 9 months . The clinical observation of this 30 cases ,revealed that recurring headache ,fatigue ,menses irregular, as mild;  metrorrhagia  with prolog absence of mensesi.e.2-3 months with intermittent bleeding, as moderate, and metrorrhagia continuous, palpitation, anemic condition ,mood swing, depression etc as severe .

The following selected medicines were mainly used such as Amm Carb, Arg Nit, Calc.Carb, Calc Phos, Calc sulph, Carcinosinum,china off,Graphites,Hamm V, Lachesis, Lycopoodium, Medorrihnum, Nit Acid ,Nat NUr, Nux-Vom, Phosphorous,pulsatilla, Rhus Tox, Sepia, Sec –cor, Silicea,Sulph,Thuja with needed frequency with accordance of the case.

In the light of the observation reported in this piece of the study ,with reference to the menopausal  symptoms of 30 cases and their homeopathic treatment the following can be concluded.

  1. By and large the efficacy of homoeopathy treatment given to psychiatric manifestation of menopause has been established in 80%of cases in which 13.3% cases were total cured and 66.6%cases were improved.
  2. In treatment of psychiatric manifestations of menopause medicines namely calc carb, Graphites, Phosphorous, Pulastilla, sepia,Sulphur,proved their effectiveness without any side effect.
  3. Failure of homoeopathic medicine in the treatment of 20%, cases has been noticed due to complex diseases especially inheriting diseases.

This study was a joint venture involving psychiatr , physiology, gyneocology , medicine and homeopathy at different live. The efforts are made to explore the utility of holistic approach of homoeopathic in treatment  of psychiatric manifestation of menopausal syndrome.

This is my sincere effort to highlight on the subject and to initiate more research work in this field .This effort is solicited to homeopathic  fraternity to acknowledge, advice and positive criticism so that Hahnemannian mission can be achieved.