About Helode

Dr. Sagar R. Helode
B.H.MS (Nagpur) (Reg. No. 015)
M.D. (Homeo. Mano.) B.R.A.U.
Ph.D (Psychology) R.S.U

Dr.Sagar R. Helode & ( Mrs) Dr. Pragati S. Helode running a clinic in Kota, Raipur(c.g). Which is entitled as helode homoeo & psycho counsling center .It is unique combination of psycho and homoeopathi tritment .

Dr. Sagar R. Helode did his graduation from homoeopathic field BHMS from Nagpur university(Gondiya College) in 2001. Then he continued his study in Pandit Ravishankar Unversity, Raipur, for post graduation in psychology (M.A) then further he did his PhD. (Clinical Psychology) in 2008. The Doctorate in clinical psychology lead him to understand the holistic concept of ----------- thought . Further he passed MD (Homoeopathic Psychiatry) 2012 from Sai Nath Post Graduate Institude, Alahabad, Agra University.

He presented paper on “Narsisstic Trait and Personality Disorder” Marathi Manas Sastra conference.Presentation in verious seminar in Raipur.

(Mrs) Dr. Pragati S. Helode did her graduation “BHMS” from homoeopathic faculty from Nagpur university 2001. She further did certificate course (C.G.O) Matra Sev sangh hospital . She is doing her homoeopathic practice hand to hand ----------- with Dr. Sager R. Helode . Many student of homoeopathic faculty had attended and took training from helode homoeo clinic.

This clinic is serving from last 10 year with many remarkable results and both acute and chronic cases severe case acute emergency and chronic long ailment which made patient life measurable were helped by homoeopathic treatments . 

It is unique combination of psychiatric troubles like :

  • Schizophrenia
  • Mood Disorder
  • Faxiety Neurosis
  • Depression
  • Obsessive Compulsion Disorder

Are treated by both psycho counseling and homoeopathic psychiatric remedy without side effect.

The word is coined from the Greek word ‘Homoios’ meaning like or similar and ‘pathos’ meaning suffering. This substance will help to stimulate the body’s own healing power to fight the illness.